Fall 2 '17: Lost and Found

I lost my journal about halfway through Saturday and was unable to find it before game off. It’s fairly distinctive in that it is the extremely LARGE black leather journal folks have undoubtedly seen me carrying around before. I’m fairly certain it has my character’s name (Winston) on the first page. I would very much love this back as it’s become a staple for Winston if anyone has found it.

Did anyone find a blue and white floral patterned gauzy scarf in the staff center?

And does anyone know if the graveyard got packed up?

Not sure about the graveyard. I’ll run through the laundry later today to see if I swept it up in the wash pile.

Checked the laundry twice, didn’t see it. I’ll keep my eye out, though, as I slowly work through it all.

OK. Thanks

Did anyone (especially those who cleaned the kitchen) find an offwhite canvas bag containing a few smaller mesh white bags with green drawstrings? I think I left it in the kitchen when I unpacked some things into the fridge, and I’m rather fond of it :frowning: