Fall 2 2016 Quotes

Someone during the battle between Sven Olafson’s sons:
“Wither left-front leg!”

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Totally-Not-A-Monster: “Come to the cabins with me!”


Narissa, in a singsong voice: “DYRUS! People are DYRUSing all over out here!”


Omoira: "I just wanted to get chapstick from the cabin!"
Very low-voiced monster: “CHAPSTICK!”

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Totally-Not-A-Monster: “I wish I were as scary as Collin” (singing)

Signe’s decision to call the Eye Guys “Creeper Peepers” which led to us standing in the woods on Sunday and this exchange.

Signe: I think that Eye Guy’s just gonna keep hiding.
Omoira: Lurking.
S: Creeping.
O: Peeping.

Omoira, before putting on a crown in Reverie: "If I die, tell everyone I looked baller."
Still in Reverie: “If this Nonsense Mouse is trying to say Resonance just wants a girlfriend, I am literally going to leap into this acid pit right here.”

The entire discussion about the Umbra Dick beacon.
Omoira: Shh! Zelai is here! It’s an “Umbral Phallus.”

Raf coming out to bark at the Great Cat Spirit.

While making peace with the scions of Sven Olafson:
Omoira, to a fire imp (after it threw the Wither Left Front Leg): “Into time out with you! That’s right! Into time out right now if that’s how you want to behave!”

Nyth: “Hey, Aislinn, hold my stuff for a few minutes, will you?” (Too soon?)


The look of existential horror on Omoira’s face when she was told that, so far as the group of people she was counseling was concerned, relative to the rest of the town she had the moral authority to make sound judgments.

And the subsequent running gag wherein we checked in with her, as to whether we were allowed to have blood feuds, and if so how many. One blood feud? No? Still zero? Zero blood feuds? … Drat.


Where did I go wrong that this is who I am now?!?

Omoira: "Don’t ask me, I don’t know where babies come from."
Taeo: "But Omoira, you already told me how babies were made!"
Quiet: mimes sex, then pointedly squirts whipped cream into a mug of cocoa

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(Paraphrase, if someone remembers the exact phrasing, pleas post)
Cygny addressing an eye-guy as we came down a hill— “so do you prefer Eye-Guy, Creeper Peeper, or Ocular Horror? We really want to respect your preferences!”

sigh… blood feud is off…”

trading off-topic insults with Lecturer Strigford during the town council meeting

and my personal favorite:
“I’m just having a really hard night”

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Nem to Strigford: “I don’t believe we have been introduced. Whoooo are you?”

Nem (I think): "Void squirrels collect amethysts for the winter!"
Strigford: "… Did I just hear the phrase Void squirrels?"
Nem: "Yep!"
Strigford: “Good night!” walks out