Fall 2, 2023 Donations

As usual, we’re looking for people to donate a few things to help us run the best event we can.
Donations are worth 1 Character Point per $25. You can either mail them to me or bring them to the event on Friday. Message me if you need my address.

Thank you all!

  1. [CLAIMED] A pegboard for organizing masks https://a.co/d/6LR9fee
  2. [RESOLVED] A new paper cutter: Sorry! Something went wrong!
  3. [CLAIMED] One of these: Amazon.com
  4. [CLAIMED] A multicolor pack of marking tape: https://www.amazon.com/Flagging-Non-Adhesive-Boundaries-Hazardous-Workplace/dp/B0CJ8ZX5KQ/ref=d_m_crc_dp_lf_d_t1_sccl_3_2/135-7467559-8608916?th=1
  5. [CLAIMED] A pack of green & white crepe paper streamers: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Décor-Crepe-Paper-Unique/dp/B0BWJSX9SF/ref=sr_1_1_sspa
  6. [CLAIMED] A pack of purple & white crepe paper streamers: Sorry! Something went wrong!
  7. [CLAIMED] A mushroom costume (XL): Amazon.com
  8. [CLAIMED] Some red and white rope: Amazon.com?
  9. [CLAIMED] More KN95 masks: Amazon.com
  10. [CLAIMED] 5 to 7 more shade costumes: Amazon.com
  11. [CLAIMED] A skull teapot, Ceramic Skull Teapot Skull Teapot MADE TO ORDER - Etsy or https://www.etsy.com/listing/1027452326/skull-teapot-skin-and-bone-teapot
  12. [CLAIMED] A pack of these temporary tattoos: https://www.amazon.com/XIYOKA-Halloween-Temporary-Tattoos-Realistic/dp/B0CDL13S46/ref=sr_1_3
  13. A white shawl edged in black lace
  14. [CLAIMED] A weather resistant combination lock: Amazon.com
  15. Snacks for staff (message me for more details)

I’ll pick up 8, 9, and 10.

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I’ll grab 3

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I can grab 5,6,11. Crepe papers and tea pot

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I’ll snag 1 and 4

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I’ll take 7, 12, and 14

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Additional Donation Items Needed!
If you would like to donate these items, claim and order them ASAP, anything not ordered Tuesday morning, we will order.
16. Sunflowers https://a.co/d/gUINj06
17. White Streamers https://a.co/d/g0hdRRJ
18. White Marking Flags https://a.co/d/0cZAkye
19. Red Feathers https://a.co/d/aPW6Qlo
20. Bee Plushies https://a.co/d/a1OnGEP
21. Black Gothic Crown https://a.co/d/bM5e15H

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I’ll claim 16-19.


20 and 21 ordered by staff.

If anyone is interested in making #13 or #15 getting snacks for staff center, please reach out to Beth and say something here.