Fall 2 Favorite Moments and Quotes

While cleaning up in the tavern Dolan walks around picking up plates and glasses. A group of townsfolk look outside and notice some undead approaching.
Signe - “That’s a… mummy.”
Dolan turns around immediately as the alarm is being risen to the other patrons of the tavern and returns to the kitchen.
Dolan - “Mo there’s a mummy out there, and the way Signe said it made it seem not good.”
Mo and Dolan move to the dry storage area out of sight while the sound of fighting can be heard
Mo - “Hmm” Then proceeds to close the door “Look at all these supplies”


The whole shadow amber exchange was just chef’s kiss. Dolan popped open that double 3D puzzle, grabbed the shadow amber and concealed it faster than anything I’ve seen. By the time I knew what had happened, Mo had already slayed him.

Also Zelai’s face when I recounted the story to him on Aldersday was deeply amusing. :joy:


Oh! And this one.

So I’m trapped way behind enemy lines and the last time I tried to rejoin I got repelled and then followed by the repelling npc nearly to the road. I still need to make it back and I see an opening but it’s gonna be close. I’m out of repose but as I assume there’s a very high chance of needing one in the next 5 min i quickly air cast one, then take off. The same NPC spots me as I get close and gives chase. I know this one is incorporeal so there’s no point in turning to fight but I think I can still just barely make it. Then I trip. I cast repose mid fall and hear a “death” and feel a packet hit my shoulder as my knees hit the ground.

I was genuinely unsure if I fully got off my repose in time or not because it was very close, but then about four different townspeople who saw it happen yelled “no effect” at the same time. The intense relief was incredible.


To bad Dolan isn’t human. Having a reputation for “fastest hands in the west” would be pretty sweet.

Oh man that one was so cool to watch, as the NPC that tried to death you. Everyone at once was like “not today” and I didn’t even feel bad about losing the opportunity for a deathstrike


“It’s venom time?”
“It’s venom time.”
“It’s venom time

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Oh, and of course the entire “Mephros” bit.