Fall 2 Favorite Moments and Quotes

Thank you for coming to Salendale with us! Here is a place for your favorite moments and quotes. Go forth!


Lee : I’m trying to get a reputation that everything i say is true.
Dolan: Then stop talking about me.


There were a lot of excellent timing moments for me.
Packing up our cabin on Saturday afternoon, and we had so much stuff that two other people were helping us bring our blankets to the car. Four of us walked out of the cabin, and were confronted with a group of PCs. Florica started walking towards us, going, “Ah, my fabric merchants!”
There was a solid three seconds of silence, all of us staring at each other, then I threw my free hand over my head. Florica’s disappointed “…Oh…” almost made me fall over with laughter.
On Friday night, I was in my cabin, reading and deciding if I had it in me for another chapter. As I was getting ready to keep reading, I heard a group coming towards the cabin, and someone started shouting, “Your story is over, it’s time to rest!” I took it as my cue to go to bed. Much appreciated, random stranger.


The full Cabbage Merchant exchange, as follows:

I walk into the tavern and approach a table at random, then very loudly ask if there’s anyone there in charge. The people sitting there look at each other and then at me and go “yeah, over there. Wait, can we help you with something?” I tell them that my cabbage stand has been knocked over one too many times this weekend and I cannot have this happening anymore. All of them try not to giggle.

Eventually Zelai asks “Okay so do you want 1. Money for your lost cabbages, 2. a promise not to wreck any more or 3. help picking up your cabbages?” to which I replied “the first two would be great.”

Cue me walking over to a table in the corner and asking if either of the people there were Leopold or Thon. Leopold says he is Leopold and I tell him that my cabbages have been wrecked and I need restitution. He says “oh, you should go talk to Thon, and he should pay you, because he’s a fuckhead and he should pay you.”

“Oh. Cool. And I should tell him you told me that?”

“You can quote me directly.”


“Wait, don’t quote me directly.”

“I’m going to quote you directly.”

So I walk over to where Thon is sitting and say “Uh, so some guy named Leopold told me to tell you and I quote, you’re a fuckhead and you should pay me.”

After a few awkward glances I explain a bit of the context and the dying light in Thon’s eyes stops dying briefly. Then someone says “hey haven’t skeletons also destroyed your cabbages? I’m sure they have.” and I go “oh my god the Sarto should pay for my cabbages!”

After a hearty round of agreement I go “yeah I’m going to make the Sarto pay” and leave


I’m pretty sure Baxter’s new life motto will be “I would like to hear NO MORE about the Void Hydra.”


I usually don’t fight much because I’m busy being Too Many face characters, but I actually fought a bunch this time, and I forgot how fun it was! Thanks to everyone who traded blows with me, even if my hamstrings aren’t happy about it. :slight_smile:


The face Geoff and the necromancers made when Erris cursed him to have no deaths followed by the moment of utterly stunned inaction of all the NPCs involved in which she simply turned around and left the front lines entirely unimpeded made me feel like such a fucking badass I loved it.

Related, my thanks to the PCs who let Erris just fucking murder him all by herself. Poor girl really needed to just unload on a deserving target.


Geoff summons the void hydra and the horrible tentacle-dactyl appears
me: …was that supposed to be a witty comeback?
leopold: look, clever repartee in combat is hard


Spending almost an hour discussing which letters you could reasonably remove from the alphabet, which led to Deah getting subdued by Zevvi so she could steal a notebook (which, you may note, said nothing about her!!).


I honestly just loved going around as Wisteria and gathering stories about players! Especially stories of PCs that finaled a while ago but are still talked about was very cool - Extremely excited to start writing some tunes :smiley:


Sean’s insane ranting as the first-ever Ice Elemental and Zelai mouthing silently at Leopold and Eleanora to keep him talking while Astranta was closing his Void gate. Eleanora shouting back to the Elemental’s corpse that she really did hope to continue an academic correspondence if he wasn’t dead forever.


I am so excited to see what comes of this particular narrative thread, and Erris is always down for a story or two!


in my defence Geoff is canonically the kind of guy to say extremely ill-thought-ought, self-aggrandizing things :stuck_out_tongue:

i felt honored to play the big scary dark wizard boss! i was anxious about providing a good experience for that fight & ritual so i hope it was fun, but i know I had an absolute ball. doing all those ritual incantations, seeing Jordan pop out with that pterodactyl head, and lying there while the PCs worked out how to apply the highest possible degree of overkill were all highlights of my staffing career

…being Headwaiter Skeleton at necromancer tea was also a real high point


I can assure you that while Erris was having a real bad time I as the player have never felt more badass. This was the ending this big plot deserved and all of staff should be so proud.


Which leads nicely into one of my favorite moments.

“There’s nothing about me in here, at all. She must have known my name some other way and was just fucking with me.”
a pause while I decide if that warrants reprisal and decide instead that
“I respect the hell out of that.”


Oh, believe me, if there wasn’t something about Zevvi in it before, there certainly is now. (i can tell you if you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: : )

Lee says something about not trusting people, but I forget their exact words
Lee (glaring at Mo): I’m looking at you, Mo.
Mo (taken aback): Me? Why me? I’m like the most honest person here!
Amos: That is probably true but is probably working against you because you’re the only non-criminal here.
Dolan (nodding sagely): People trust the devil they know.


I’m not 100% sure who it was, but i think it was Leopold, after we heard the final bell for Goeff: You should have changed your name while you could Geoff!


Eleanora: "I don’t need to take this from someone who believes in gophers "
Colin: “I’ve SEEN gophers, what are you talking about?”
Eleanora: “Yeah, sure. Everyone knows somebody who’s “seen a gopher”, so I guess you’re mine”.


Wait what?