Fall 2 favorite moments

I did not expect to do nearly so much talking as the necromancer Friday night, but there were too many hilarious moments to count. (The blood is mine.)

It was great meeting all the new folks as possessed-Quercus.

Scourge is always fun to play. I liked how Lee was looking with serious concern at this creepy giant rat and Durand just casually waved hello.


Part 1

  • [redacted]
  • The various incredulous reactions to my costume change from the people i hadn’t forewarned
  • Hanging out with Celeste
  • Cheese cult ritual
  • Mycordia. Jenna your singing made me tear up. You offered to sing and I was like “ohhh, I think I’m the only one here who knows how good a singer Jenna is. I’ll answer this.”
  • Making sure Vai and the necromancer could hear each other’s claims on blood
  • Correcting/snarking about the necromancer’s account of her death as we waited for her to come back
  • Telling everyone who asked a different yet plausible reason for why she’d wanted to join the Petulengros, because Zevvi is too Zevvi to give the real reasons
  • “Why are you taking a merchant lesson? […] This wasn’t a merchant lesson, was it?”
  • Getting a bgs result saying i needed to get Lyki to take off his helmet for a different part of the lesson only to see Jacob didn’t have his helmet. Thanks for being a good sport about that, Jacob

Spawn camping the necromancer. That whole sequence of events was so good. We heard the necromancer monologuing to the gatekeeper and snarked about it. Waited for her to come out and then zevvi silenced her and all she could do was stand there while four people hit her until she went down. Then sprayed blood all over zevvi. And then we all killed her again together.

Meeting scourge for the first time! Things went sideways for us, but scourge is delightful.

Taking wisteria’s hat and nobody saying anything while Steve looked around for it for about a minute until noticing it on my head.

Taking vaiatea’s hat. Twice.

Poor wisteria rolling up to the tavern. What an absolute wet cat of a bard. (With a wonderful singing voice)


Cosette shifting in her seat during the veliar lectures and just toppling ass over teakettle was one of my all time favorites.
I also greatly enjoyed Vi showing me her voiceless chant (since she had a sore throat) which just so viscerally re-created the phrase this blood is mine with gestures.
Had a really good time meeting Mycordia, the lights were mesmerizing, the mood was super chill.
Realizing I had trusted the wrong snack-giver AFTER I had eaten the cheese, and then later all the cheese related moral quandaries. We know its probably necessary to kill them and stop their rituals… but they also very clearly paid their gate fees and did everything by the book.
Elenora shooting us daggers as we started to talk runic engineering theories with a stranger wizard she didn’t trust, insisting that everything we were saying was foolish. For a second I was like “Wow Elenora is such a buzzkill” but then she whispered something to Spira and suddenly he was acting the same way, “Oh right no this guy is a stranger why are we talking about runic engineering with him?”
Colin’s reaction every time I start talking about what I’ll do if he breaks the law and end with “and I’ll do nothing about it because I’m scared of you”
Meeting all the new and returning bb herbalists! It is always so much fun to teach things to you.


Part 2

  • “What about bar stools?”
  • After Zevvi has explained Mycordia’s stance on other realms using Evren as a battleground
    Rosen: “Giant mushroom for gatekeeper of Evren!”
    Zevvi: “I… wholeheartedly agree.”
  • Giving sooo many rune lessons
  • Giving Leopold shit for re-teaching one of those lessons “better than i did i guess” then listening in and realizing he actually was giving that lesson better.
  • “Zevvi and I are frenemies”
    “Stop talking, Rosen.”
  • me forgetting one of the people im talking to is a Davenstern
    “Yorick’s my favorite Davenstern but it’s not a high bar.”

Rosen sighing unable to protest after Erris pegged him as ‘boring but trustworthy’ to some of the new townsfolk made me snigger.


Durand: “The cider is totally reasonable and harmless. You can safely drink it, Kael”
2 minutes later, feeling like I have 8 legs
Kael: “This is weirder than I anticipated given your description, but it feels kind of fun.”
Durand: “Yeah! High fifteen!”


The absolute swagger we got to have as the gatekeeper this time by reclining in that armchair, pulling open the door. That was fun.


Rosen: Do you know who I am?
Cheese cultist: No
Rosen: The Betrayer of Burrata!
Cheese cultist: gasp Cleave! goes down immediately


Not gonna lie, I want to figure out how to recline in death more going forward.
Also, players get to see the glyphs on the book instead of just a 3-ring binder.


Hey hey hey, I just said “Breonna has a title for me”. You simply inferred I was the Betrayer of Burratta


In no particular order.

  • Getting to potato Daniel as a fire drake and then telling everyone to let it think about what its done.
  • Giving puppets ideas
  • “Dolan, do you still have the necromancers arm?”
  • Being part of |Redacted|
  • Kael - “Is there any more of the HOA pie?” brings over cake, pie, and bread. Watches in amazement as Kael devours about 1/4 of a loaf of bread in seconds.

This is true. Clearly my sleep-deprived self cleaned it up a bit :smile:

Oh! How could I forget. Spade spending her 5min after finalling to come out and spit on Zevvi, specifically.


Talking with Ting’M before the Town Council Meeting

Yorick: “So Rosen and Lyki are on Void Crackers”
Ting’M: “And we don’t have Florica…”

Listening to Colin explain to several people that Yorick was dead and it was fine, only to end with Rosen as person number six going “I know, he has been talking about it forever.”

Bludgeoning off Treasure’s head with a mace to give to the Gatekeeper of Vigor as proof I made significant progress towards the death of Treasure (Thank you for killing the head Colin!)

Blocking a set of swings from a Zelai shaped Vigormor with my mace held awkwardly in the hand holding three powders that Kael had dropped.

Realizing we only had so much time before the Vigormor fight, writing down “Thin the Herd, Cull the Weak” into the book of the battle bard, and gathering Kael, Mo, Lyki, Mar, and Nem for the greatest performance of said chant. Then some people getting confused when I called out the effect.

Getting Confirmation that Vigorish Spellsinging Exists from the Gatekeeper, and Errol letting me know that the Errol shapped smith who organized the fighting Torunament was a Vigorish Spellsinger. A New Goal has been aquired.


Yorick: “I’m only 90% sure that the person I need to final in the next two gathers is actually the person I think it is and”

I unfortunately forget who: “No No, it makes sense to want to be 100% sure.”

Only Softly tied with

Yorick: “So the Gatekeeper of Vigor told me to final someone”

Vinsel: “I… Send me a letter about that because I don’t know what to say at the moment”


Lyki, Rosen, Eleanora on Void cheese, Colin being himself:

I was angry about the entire town doing nothing to help me with the cheese cultist, after being hungry and offered cheese, only to find out after it was void cheese.

Rosen and Lyki: Burn it down. Burn it all down
Eleanora: yeah,yeah you’re right… I’ll just burn down the town
Colin: She can’t burn down anything, she can’t cast fire magic.
Eleanora: you don’t need fire magic to burn things, anyone can be an arsonist.

  • carefully and methodically sets fire to town buildings

Someone “uhhh, the alchemy guild is on fire!!”

Me, in the woods, finally eating lunch “team building exercise goes fwoomph”


The number of people who found Rosen’s bloodlust and desire for destruction spilling out deeply disturbing was lovely.


“by my voice, Erris, pain. Again”


Mar, on void crackers: telling everyone how they’re going to die
Yorick: “I only have one use of this.” Subdue.

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I remember this. And I remember getting a single subdue at some point over the weekend but at the moment I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it from. I went through so many temporary skills through so many sources.