Fall 2 Reminders

Hi Folks!

Once again we expect to have a large number of new players at the upcoming event. Please welcome them as warmly as you did all of the newcomers at Fall 1. The Pine Sides 1 cabin remains the new player / open camping cabin.

Also, if you’d like to submit any rumors, send them to me by the end of the day Wednesday. They will be posted on Thursday.

Also, I will be buying any unclaimed donation items tonight, so claim them while you can!

See you soon,


For any newbies or group less players also crashing in the pine side 1 cabin, I will be bringing my space heater again. Anyone who finds themselves short on warm bedding and needing to switch to heated space will probably find a spare bunk or two.

Good to know, I’ll bring my light sleeping back instead of a heavy one.