Farewell from Scott

My friends,

I have told several of you individually, but thought that a more general announcement was appropriate. It appears that my business in the Witchwood has come to an end, and I am returning home. While I cannot honestly say I will miss being attacked by monsters and put in danger of death on a regular basis, I will miss all of you. Oak Harbor took me in for longer than anywhere else since I left home, and you have been generous and kind to me. If you are ever in Celire, stop by the Barston vineyards and drinks are on me.

I have left my notes on various investigations with Roderago, and any items that seemed particularly useful to the safety of the town have been delivered to Iron Company. If there is anything else you need, feel free to contact me by letter, I can be reached at “scott_barston@mit.edu”. Taeo, I have not forgotten you are looking for a lock, and will see if I can get Mom to send you one.

I wish you all the best of luck in everything, and hope that you run out of monsters to fight soon.


Scott Barston

PS. Nyth, go to Umbra.
PPS. Azra and Javaros, you can clear those favors you said you owe me if you get Nyth to go to Umbra when he finals.