Festival of Reverie

Citizens of Oak Harbor,

It is great pleasure that I inform you that the White Forest Trading Company would like to bring you a taste of the Festival of Reverie. As some of you may know, the harvest is a time of celebration among Daler communities. We would like to share with you a taste of some of the entertainments which are a staple of our annual festival in Kirkale.

Below is our schedule of events.

Willowsday Morning:
Fiber Arts Competition Kick-Off: What better way to celebrate the month of Reverie than with weaving and other fiber arts? Yarn and a few other crafting supplies will be available to those who pay the entry fee. Participants may also bring their own supplies. However, only work begun after the kick-off will be eligible for judging. (Entry fee 5 leaf)
Elixir Coin Toss: Toss a 10-leaf piece at our grid of elixir vials. Land it in a colored vial and win an elixir of that type.

Willowsday Afternoon:
Bake Sale: A chance to buy magically-infused treats from our fine herbalist bakers.
Bobbing for Apples: Grab a floating apple, using only your teeth. Some apples contain extra prizes inside! (Entry fee 5 leaf)

Aldersday Morning:
Fiber Arts Competition Judging and Awards
Dog Show: Handlers guide their trained dogs through a series of obstacles. The one with the best time wins a prize. Given the shortage of dogs in Oak Harbor, a person who has drunk a “Mind of an Animal” elixir may be substituted for a dog. 1 elixir included with each entry fee. (Entry fee 15 leaf)

May Fate be kind in spinning your threads,
Senior Partner Gale Nighthrush


We assume that the WFTC will be supporting the local economy by purchasing the Alchemy Guild’s supply of 2 Mind of an Animal elixirs at a reasonable price for use in this event, correct?”

Indeed! Please find one of our Senior Partners after the Town Council meeting to discuss the exchange.

Oh! oh !oh! Can…Can Basil’s friend, I mean, my, my friend, Bubbles be a dog too? Bubbles has the most beautiful tusks! Basil is sure Bubbles the Boar could be a great dog for popsicles! Bubbles will be SUPER NICE Basil, I mean me, I mean I! PROMISES and, and, cookie! Can cookie come? can Cookie have a dog too? Maybe Raf will be cookies dog! or, or, Basil will be cookies dog! Oh that would be just the most fun!! Basil loves popsicles!

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For our purposes, any animal or any being under the effects of “Mind of an Animal” may be considered a “dog.”
Any “dog” which harms any participants, spectators, or organizers will be automatically disqualified.

And I must confirm with our merchants, but rumor has it that the Elixir Coin Toss will now only cost a single leaf per play!

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