Geometric Constructions

I hear this might be useful now.

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I love you…and hate you…I can’t stop…

Well, fml, there goes my free time.

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I can’t figure out the rules or how to do anything but make circles. Are there instructions somewhere?

Click-and-drag directly from one dot to another for a line; click-and-drag away from a dot for a circle, when intersecting with an existing dot/junction, you can release the mouse button to make the circle stick around. The app is for circle-and-straightedge geometric construction, so those are the two manipulations you get. I believe there are instructions somewhere on the site, but I don’t have a link for you; look around or use google. There are definitely walkthroughs and hints; it’s a popular enough webgame to have a walkthrough on jayisgames, I believe.

The moves you make stick around in the URL for easy reference, and there is undo/redo capability. For example, here’s a pentagon in origin circle:

Thank you. I found the links to wikipedia, and am now trying to rectify some deficiencies of my high school education.

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Bump. If anyone is interested in practicing that gate closing mechanism that showed up in several places last gather (and I hear gathers before that, though I wasn’t present for such), here is a useful tutorial/practice tool. If you are in a situation where you encounter one of these and don’t know how to do it, you probably want to pass it to someone else, as it takes a bit of prior experience and is not best learned in combat.

Triangles and hexagons are about the extent of what I’ve seen show up so far, for reference.

I’ve also found Euclidea to be a fun and helpful game/tool to practice geometry.