Handy Healing Haversacks

Hello everyone, I had a thought on a perfectly Evrish sort of project.
You see, I know a lot of us have a particular pocket in which we keep a couple emergency supplies-- awakens, unroots, healing etc. Often I hear people saying “Oh, in whatever location I keep such and such, so if you see me unconscious you should use those on me.” Now perhaps I am alone in this, but there is absolutely no way I will ever remember where that pocket is on pretty much anyone except me.
By way of solution, I am thinking of making many linen pouches big enough to hold a couple elixers and not much else, which will be recognizable in some fashion. Either we will all know what the pouch looks like, or a particular symbol or color or whatnot… the idea being that if you see someone unconscious or otherwise in a bad way you know to just look for that pouch. If we agree on a symbol/color type thing then you could do this even without having the pouch immediately visible; just put whatever pin or patch or symbol I end up making on the outside of the bag your savior should look in.

It’s not a perfect solution. It also makes it easy for thieves to find resources that probably won’t kill them even if they are unlabeled. This can be curbed somewhat by only labeling the elixirs that you could stand to lose in a pinch. Then if you want to carry something valuable you pair it with a second elixir that is not at all what a thief would want to drink. Make sure your friends can tell them apart and you are golden, and those friends will still have an easier time helping you because they know where to look for these things in the first place.

Thoughts? Would this be helpful? Would people use them?

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This is actually an incredibly good idea.

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It really is! Thank you for coming up with this, Ravenna!

The Healer’s Circle has tried to implement a more half-hearted version of this, where our emergency Awaken potions are supposed to be “on our left hip”, but that’s only so helpful. Something like consistent and recognizable pouches for emergency supplies, or even just a universally recognizable symbol for a container like that, would be immensely better.

I suspect the Healer’s Circle would happily purchase these from you, depending on our funds, and at the very least will adopt and help promote the standard.

I’m personally not great at imagery or handcrafts, but if I can support with supplies or feedback, please don’t hestitate to ask!

This is a fantastic idea, because it’s supposed to be the right hip.


Its totally the right hip.

To be fair-- your right or their right?
Perspective is everything!

Agreed that this is a good plan. As far as design goes, one (possibly too-)obvious answer is “something with a white or black witchwood leaf on it”. Probably avoid green.

Right! Left hip! Left hip is right, not right hip!

[OOC: tfw when your as absent-minded as your character]