Help Town Council Help You

Hello, all. It is I, your beloved Town Councilor, Odelia Benefacio di Sarto. As you probably know, the local Hania have decided that the part of the Witchwood surrounding Oak Harbor is in capably bloodthirsty hands and they are leaving for other parts of the forest.

They have left us with several tasks that could use some attention between Gathers, and we would like some volunteers with specialized skills to take them on:

  1. Someone with a wizard staff to handle the meta-elementals @Loken
  2. Someone with armor expertise or a mystic talisman to patrol the Umbral Spot where the Shades are being tied together
  3. A druid or scout able to herd animals away from areas that are having Stitchers Needle Energy problems (@patrickpopowicz )

There is a small benefit to the people doing these tasks, but the town will still be standing next gather if no one does them.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. We are hoping to find more permanent solutions to the problems, so we would also accept offers to research any of these issues.


(Edited to reflect Beth’s clarifications below)

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That is still my intention.

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I can look into the metal elementals, unless I’m forgetting something.

Eleanora/ Anne

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Someone in Oak Harbor has definitely been trained in dealing with them, but I have no idea who. You probably have a better idea than I do.

(Making an OOG clarification about the intent of these plots, since Focus is a highly limited resource and information may have been muddled among the several of them: The plots do not require Focus. Using Focus will make it faster and easier to resolve them, and it will give you some degree of influence on which roaming things are attacking you. The Hania would also consider the town to be Dealing With things if you used other BGS / copious stabbing. The idea here it to give people a straightforward way to hook into some plots that doesn’t require them to write extensive BGS.)

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(Wait, in that case I’ve misunderstood what we have been asked to do. What are the BGS skills that can be used to complete the tasks, and does “copious stabbing” mean that there are in-game chances to resolve these, or is this something that we must put BGS into in order to advance?)

(These are plots you can approach the same way as any other plot. You can use Sage or Oracle to try to understand what is happening and why. You can ask someone for advice via SWD. You can use Agents, Tracking, or appropriate Network to try to get observations about what is happening. Eventually, you can figure out a root cause and solve the source of the problem.)

(The “do a particular Focus-action” tasks are examples of ways the Hania came up with, through their own BGS, for how to put band-aids on the problems. Doing the Focus-actions will both reduce the instances of those monsters and give hints about the sources of the problems. Repeatedly stabbing these things as they come through town is also a band-aid for the problems, but it won’t teach you much.)


(Thank you for the clarification!)

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Oh dear. What an awkward time to discover what I forgot.
Hey Beth…is it too late to ask about Focusing on these metal elementals?

Eh. We’ll just have some metamentals running around

Is this something we have to worry about for fall or nah?

Don’t worry about it for fall. We’ll try and remind you before Spring.