Hurtin Stuff Training

so are you writing down everything i say? everything? okay, good, thanks odie. I understand that there’s a lot of new information out there about how to commit violence real good. i wanna know who’s got the papers that’ll help me commit violence, and where i can find 'em, and I guess how we’re gonna figurate how to turn it into real skills. what? of course figurate is a word. how the hell would i know how to spell it? just write my name and post it.

Shane O’Bothar
The Dense

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I think they wound up in a batch of different new people’s pockets! I dunno how we learn them though. Also they’re stuff vigamor can do, so now we know to smack a vigamor to interrupt it if it’s trying to forge their armor and stuff like that. Here’s the one I had. - Batenny

Line Commander (had a four on the back)

Tend to the Fallen: You may cast Awaken to someone who is unconscious after 10 seconds of shouting orders at them.

Repair Mode: You may take a knee and act as if you are at a forge for the purpose of spending any smithing skills you may have. Performing repairs this way takes double the cost of performing repairs at the force, but half the time. You may no longer have anyone besides yourself repair your personal armor. Taking damage or a spell effect while repairing ourself interrupts the repairs but does not consume the skills.

Tactical Advice: if you spend 1 minute providing suggestions to someone about how to win an upcoming battle, you may pick one of their melee or thrown weapons and place a Cleave augment on it.

Break the Formation: Reduce your maximum vitality by 2 for the rest of the event to get one “by my voice, all enemies repel” call. Note: you cannot use this skill if it would reduce you below 1 max vitality.

Cling to Life: Spend a use of this skill and reduce your maximum vitality by 2 for the rest of the event to resist 1 death strike. If you do so, call “resist,” then call “ward” to any further death strikes attempted on you for the next 2 minutes. This event ends when you regain consciousness. Note: you cannot use this skill if it would reduce you below 1 max vitality.

Stand and Fight: If you are clearly outnumbered you may voluntarily take the “there is no escape” effect. If you do, you may ward any maim, trip, gust, sleep, or repel effects until you have defeated the foe or are knocked unconscious.

Dolan here.

I also have some of those writings. I will transscribe them out for easier reading. How to learn them is beyond me.

any other knowledge about hurtin people?

Shane, it doesn’t seem like anybody else is reading these notes. If you read this, let me know what else you learned, I need to make a list. Can somebody read this to Shane?


Unfortunately, I missed the gathering when new information was given, but I’m interested to learn more in depth about the more advanced violence presented here. I’m usually busy or on patrol, but I’m hard to miss.

-Laurenzo Aldenberg, Constable