I might want to start LARPing and Witchwood is close+looks fun

I probably will not be able to make it for fall 2 2023 but I’m curious about this LARP.
How many open slots are left? I’m thinking about joining with my dad for a future session.


I’m a player, not staff. I think we’ve generally capped around 45 players. We’ve typically been running with 35-40 players - so not at cap, but not far from it. We’ve probably had 1 or 2 events cap in the past.

I imagine if we start regularly capping staff will come out with a policy. If it follows the pattern of other red feather games, the policy will probably give folks who have played or staffed previous games a window to prereg in advance of open preregistration.

I believe our current cap is 50.

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Currently we have 40 people registered, with two or three more expected to register soon.