Important Spring 1 arrival logistics!

Friday until 6pm, as we’re starting setup, Camp Middlesex will be shared with a group that runs larp activities for kids. There are some very important considerations around this:

We cannot be in the area where the kids are. They haven’t run CORI background checks on us, they don’t know whether or not we’re trustworthy around kids, and we aren’t covered on their insurance. We need to avoid their areas.

Fortunately, we’ve divided up the camp! And we get access to nearly everything we need. Here are the details:

  • The road that comes across the bridge from the main road, goes along the field in front of the staff center, and then turns up the hill near the tavern, divides the camp into two.
  • We get (nearly) everything to the left/uphill of that road, as well as the road itself, with a single exception mentioned below. We can absolutely set up the staff center, drive our things up the road to our cabins, and set up the buildings around the upper field. We can also set up the mod halls.
  • The kids’ group gets everything to the right, including the tavern, high ropes area/long loop in the woods, and lower field/waterfront. Stay out of these areas! They will be gone by 6pm or so.
  • The kids’ group also gets the half of the small mod hall that is closest to the road. This is the area labeled “Dance Hall” on the following map:

A couple other notes:

If you’ll be on site before noon, they might not be out of our way yet. Be kind and accommodating. Find one of the adults and check in with them to coordinate. Ideally, please show up on site after 12pm noon.

Totally unrelated to this, camp is tired of hauling our cars out of the mud. If you get stuck at the top of the hill in your car, you will need to call AAA or similar to get towed. Please be careful! If you don’t know how the road is going to be, check in with one of us when you arrive!

Thanks for reading to the end. I’ll arrive onsite around 2pm and will do my best to make this as hassle-free as possible!

See you soon, and dress warm!

Joy Perkinson
Campsite coordinator/RFR prez


Important update to logistics:

The tavern has run out of propane. The camp caretaker is actively working on this situation right now and we hope to have it fixed. However, this means two things:

  1. The kids’ camp can’t keep elementary school kids in an unheated building all day, so they may need to operate out of the Alumni center (our staff center) until all kids have left site around 5-6pm. They’re very conscious of our needs for the space, and we’re going to be working together to come up with creative ways to make this work.

  2. I’m still working out what this means for food preparation in the kitchen, and I will be coordinating with our cooks for the weekend to figure out what changes, if any, need to be made.

If anyone arrives on site before me, you can look for Eli (wearing an official-looking uniform) or Eric and coordinate with them. They’re both aware that this situation is extremely inconvenient and have been courteous in trying to find workarounds with us, so I’m optimistic about figuring out a way to work through this.

Thanks for your patience! Check in with one of us when you arrive on site and we’ll let you know the latest.


Good news - the propane situation is being fixed! So it’s back to the original plan: kids in the tavern, field, high ropes, and dance hall (avoid those areas).

We get our staff center back and propane for cooking and heating the tavern!

See you soon!

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