Interested in Vigormancy?

Vigormancy is an exciting new discipline, only practiced by warriors since … well, probably since well before anyone learned how to cast spells.

You cast it with fists, and blades, and staves, and it bestows its protective powers to you with armor and with agility.

Normal people call it “fighting”.

I can train you in vigormancy, though I tend to call it Soldiery just like everyone else who bothers to learn my version. You could learn such things as:

  • how to cut an opponent in half with a swing!
  • how to use a spare cabin door to prevent getting hit by mounting a strap and handle on it!
  • how to take a brutal hit and not go down!
  • how to wear the latest fashions in 10-gauge hammered steel as a nice hauberk, with some classy pauldrons and just the cutest gorget!
  • how to hold your ground and devastate all before you with just 3 feet of sharp, well-crafted steel!

If you want to learn these things, show up at muster. Tenth hour in the morning on Willowsday. Bring your weapons and your vigor.

Vance Goldenforge O’Canagh