(You discover a large decorative scroll taking up most of one wall of the tavern. It reads as follows.)

Hi people of Oak Harbor!

I am so excited to send this invitation to all of you!

The Gatekeepers of Reverie, Umbra, and Void are all intrigued/concerned about the present unique situation about the borders between realms. They would like to meet with you about it. And they put me in charge of planning the meeting!

The best kind of meeting is a party, so we’ll have one of those.

Sometime in the middle of the month of Firmament, the Borders will align to open a path to a place outside of all the realms, but connected to all of them. It’s supposed to be a great place for rituals! And it’s a great place for seeing memories of the past and visions of the future!

But that’s getting ahead of things. First, we should plan what to do there. At the party!

On the 32nd day of Void, at the 3rd hour after noon, a gate will open from Oak Harbor to the party hall in Umbra. I’ve done my best to make the party hall feel familiar, building it partly out of your memories.

The Gatekeeper of Umbra promised no one’s spirit would be taxed for attending and returning, but just in case, and because party masks are fun, we’ll be having a masquerade! Wear a costume, or decorate yourself a mask at the party! Or both.

There will be a piñata, and musical chairs, and other party games!

One of our very hungry hosts will give a prize to whoever brings the best food!

One of our shades, The Collector, will be auctioning off a number of lost artifacts. Payment can be made in Evrish coin, or in more Umbral currency.

See you soon!



(tacked up underneath the notice is a legible, but messy note, positioned in obviously purposeful proximity to the decorative scroll)

Protect yourself from expensive penalty fees for operating a gate without a license within the city limits. Contact your local city council representative or Sheriff Lorenzo to purchase a gate license!
– Deputy Amos Saggory

P.S. Only applies to gates opened on the premises of Oak Harbor proper.
(A badly drawn winky face is added to the message, or it could be some kind of bird it is unclear)