Jacqui's Candidacy for Board of Directors

Hi everyone!

This is Jacqui, you may have known me as Tess in Witchwood or “Auntie” in Port Katherine. I have helped with cleanup in every event I’ve played at and set up in most of them as well.

I come from a diverse background where I grew up in a rough financial situation, I was the first in my family to go to college, and have a strong belief in feminism. I have had physical and mental struggles in the past and present that can lend me a unique insight into barriers in the LARPing community.

I am running for this position because I feel like we as an organization could have improvement in the areas on transparency and accountability. What does this mean to me? For approximately 2 weeks I posted questions on whether or not the conduct committee would be held to the same standards as the board of directors without a response. I have not had a “we will get back to you” or a direct message about any of these questions. These questions were asked both on the Port Katherine post and the Witchwood post without a response. I knew that changes were likely to come to the conduct committee so for my own benefit I added the then-present committee rules to the wayback machine and found that these rules had been changing. I looked for any notice that these things had changed and could not find them. This is something the community as a whole should know when there are changes to.

As far as accountability and accessibility goes we have a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. This group was supposed to meet monthly and was accessible by invitation only. This was not an open event that potential community members could attend to see if Red Feather would inclusive to them. As of today, only that initial meeting has occurred back in 2020. This is something that I feel we should resurrect and add income, gender, and accessibility diversity to.

The Red Feather values include Stewardship and Fellowship. I want us as a community to have more access to how we run. I want everyone to know when the board of director meeting are and to have either an agenda beforehand or minutes afterwards, and feel comfortable asking for something to be discussed in these meetings.

If anyone has any questions for me, or any inaccuracies I should be correcting, please let me know and I’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Jacqui Fazzina

Update: within 5 minutes of posting this I have received a response on my conduct committee post.

Hi Jacqui,

I’m sure our webmaster, Eben, could provide more details, but as far as I’m aware, the only changes to the conduct webpage have been typo corrections. As you may notice, all of the pages of our website have occasional changes.

-Beth B.

i double-checked the version history, and it seems we did add sections to the Conduct page, which I believe Ken posted about at the time.

Specifically, the following paragraph was added to the Code of Conduct on 16 January, 2019:

Griefing, hazing, and trolling are not permitted. Do not use in-game antagonism as a method of harassment, or to carry over out-of-game grudges. In-game actions taken against others in apparent bad faith will be referred to the Conduct Committee.

And also we put in a write-up about the Mark of the Red Feather, since that page seemed like a sensible place for it. :person_shrugging:

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Okay you guys are making me think I’m crazy :sweat_smile:

I went and did some digging and while I dont appear to have any screenshots of what I saw (maybe it wasn’t on the code of conduct page?) I did find a record of me talking to 2 people about it back in September. I can provide those if someone wants to see them but I’d rather not post a private conversation publicly, at least without their consent.