Join the Oak Harbor Militia

The Oak Harbor militia is recruiting! Well, we’re always recruiting, but as I’ve just recently become militia captain it seems like a good time to remind everyone of what it is and how things work.

The Oak Harbor militia is, basically, a way for many of you to get paid for what you’ll probably be doing anyway. Pay is 10 leaf per gathering, although if half the town shows up for muster I may have to talk to the town council to make sure there’s enough funds to go around. You will also get access to whatever resources the militia has available to help keep you in top fighting shape.

In return, you are expected to come to the aid of Oak Harbor when the town is under “military and/or violent threats” (as per the town charter), and to obey orders given by me (or anyone I designate as a second) when I am acting in my capacity as militia captain. In its current form, the militia isn’t operating under any kind of contract, so pretty much the only consequences for negligence or insubordination are “I chew you out in public and then don’t pay you to be in the militia anymore”, though I reserve the right to take further action should your behavior itself constitute a military and/or violent threat.

The WFTC has also indicated that it may sometimes approach me with “supplemental or extraordinary work” in exchange for payment, which I intend to open up to any interested members of the militia. For anyone who may be concerned about this, know that I fully intend to be public about requests that the WFTC makes of the militia that go beyond standard duties, and obviously value the safety of the town over such requests if these ever seem to be opposed.

To join the militia, just show up to muster - it will be held, as usual, up the hill near the forge at just past the 10th hour on Willowsday. We usually do some kind of sparring or training in fighting as a unit, then split off so folks can teach skills to those interested in learning. People of all specialties, magical or mundane, are encouraged to join, and I can answer any questions you may have either here or in person during the gathering.

Signe Rask, Vigorforged
Captain, Oak Harbor Militia

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