LARP Withdrawal

Hey all,

So I don’t live near like anyone, except for Joe Hannon, and I am pretty sure him and I work opposite shifts, and in reality, I live 40 minutes from him.

I don’t have many people who can empathize with my LARP withdrawal.

What sorts of things do you do to pass the time?

I am learning alchemy so I’ve got plenty of homework, but I’m also looking for something to get my fix of RP.

The feast is super fun, but its a whole 2.5 months away…I will be going to Austria for the last two weeks of December so that will be a distraction :joy:

I hope that you all are having a great December and for those that celebrate Happy Chanukah!

For those that celebrate Christmas I hope you have a merry one however you chose to celebrate it :slight_smile:

Happy New Year’s to all!


(btw, I know a lot of people call me Dan, I actually do go by Daniel :joy:, but I’m not much of a stickler about it)

Man, I’m so spoiled. I tabletop all year round, and living near Boston, I can play Lacuna Cathect to get my campaign-LARP fix. Not to mention Intercon and Festival, for a bit of theater-style live-action roleplay goodness.

Basically, the withdrawal is real, and I deal with it by getting as many palliatives as possible. Nothing compares to Witchwood, of course, but filling my life with roleplay to look forward to helps see me through the dark and snowy months.

A little while ago I basically took Thales’ head and dumped it out, writing down some of the recent events in Oak Harbor, how he feels about it, how he’s changing, and what he wants to do. Since I’m planning to make a few changes to Thales’ mindset, it was more to brainstorm and have something actually written down to help me get into character the next couple events. But it also helped with the withdrawal. That and planning bgs and letters :smile:

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So jealous. Sounds like you’ve got some fun times ahead.

I’ve done this quite a bit with Ralkurian over the years. I’ve pretty much hammered out his character nuances, though some moments in the midst of RP still surprise me.

Most of his focus presently is mercantile and academic so it requires IG interactions to progress or hash out.

Something I really enjoy doing is writing in-character mail with other PCs. I’m not sure where this falls along the lines of meta/not-meta, or how the staff feels about this. It can be especially fun if you do it on parchment and send it through the real mail. It’s like IG pen pals. Don’t laugh…Ralkurian has pen pals.

I recently lost my job though, so I will have a bit more free time on my hands while I look for work. So I may have a stab at making some leather armor over the winter in addition to my Alchemy homework.

The pen pal thing sounds like a really fun idea. I’d been planning on just sending an email. What about IC conversations over skype etc? I’ve avoided doing full conversations, since compared to the in-person conversations during an event, online conversations would lose some of the feels and spontaneity.

I’ve been meaning to practice some prop and armor making but Thales doesn’t give me too much opportunity to do that. I’m hoping on starting to practice with some generic stuff I can use as an NPC

I think skype breaks immersion. Writing, to an extent exists in our minds, much the way our imagination does.

For Roderago, I have a bunch of small stories of his personal history that I’ve been slowly fleshing out and growing. Often they are written to show some of his relationships with people in his backstory; that honestly no one but me cares about. But it gives me something to mull on when I’m impatiently awaiting the next event…

And I spend to much time thinking about things, and trying to put together interesting things he’s done “deep thinking” on, because he’s that type of character.

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If you’re looking for Witchwood-related projects, I can try to think of things that staff could use for donations. The things that spring to mins are a) the tavern can always use more decorations, and b) we’d like to have a cooler desk and chair for the Gatekeepers (although this has some tricky constraints based on the space).

If anyone wants to write some in-world stories that we could use as an appendix to the rulebook to give it flavor, that would also be an awesome way to stave off larp-withdrawal.

Like in the line of the stories we occasionally get from Gatekeeper questions?

I gave the talisman pieces back to staff but I have plenty of miscellaneous leftover materials. I’d be interested in some crafty donations.

My home is equipped with it’s own small army of mobs, we’ve been having skirmishes each weekend. (now that I have enough weapons to go around)

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I think we have enough spiffy focus items for a little while, but something we could use is well-marked but not immersion-breaking baskets or bins where people can put used elixir vials and components. Ideally we’d have one in the tavern and one that hangs out at the top of the hill.

Things in that style would work. So would other styles, like journal entries.

This may not be super useful for people in VT, but one remedy for LARP withdrawal is to come have dinner and talk about Witchwood this Friday!