"Leopold Sucks"

Hey everyone,

I want to check in on this.

In the first couple of years of Witchwood, the current Big Bad decided that it would try to corrupt Leopold. Several games go by, with increasingly bad offers. To try to stop this, some Dream was spent to convince Reverie that Leopold was beneath notice, not really competent as a minion, you should just ignore him, etc. One way this was made real was a rumor in the list of rumors that read, “Leopold sucks.”

It’s been nine to ten years since then.

I don’t find it funny when people say “Leopold sucks.” I don’t have any interest in promoting a human reputation that Leopold sucks. I don’t enjoy getting dunked on - in fact, I find it extremely hurtful and frustrating, and every time I hear that particular two word phrase now, I get angry. Leopold is a competent character who wants to succeed and achieve big heroic things, just like you want for your characters. I don’t enjoy being told, EVERY GAME, that he “sucks.” I don’t enjoy that it’s “funny” to silence him when he has a legitimate grievance. I don’t enjoy being the butt of jokes.

Please, for the love of God, stop.



Hey given this i just wanted to check in and let you know that the only reason Erris silenced Leopold at the war table was because she thought him fighting about how credit was given was far less important than planning the actual war strategy and was not at all intended as a slight on his capabilities or an implication that she thought he had nothing to contribute. I apologize if that felt bad, and I will endeavor to communicate more clearly in character going forward should similar situations occur in the future.

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Your apology is noted and accepted. (hugs)

At least as regards me, though, I cannot imagine many things that are more hurtful and cruel to do to another PC, when they are upset, than literally Silence them.