Light Armor

Hi all!
I have spent some time upgrading my kit recently and had a question about what counts for coverage.

1 - Would bracers that cover just the forearm and greaves that cover just the calf count as one point each? I was considering making them out of a soft flexible leather (or fake leather) backed with wool so they wouldn’t be rigid but be comfortable to be worn for long periods of time.

2 - If that isn’t enough coverage I was considering adding leather tassets for more leg coverage and possibly a single leather pauldron.

3 - Would a soft leather sleeveless jerkin count towards one point torso? Again thinking about what I could actually wear for 16 hours straight.

Hope to be larping again with all of you soon!

Hello! I am one of the staffers here. Pleasure to meet you.

The gauntlet and greaves both sound appropriate for 1 point each, as does the leather jerkin.

Pleasure to meet you too! Thanks for the reply. Time to get to work!