Looking for someone with connections to the Gatekeeper of Umbra

Hi everybody, Amos Here, Looking for someone who has either a connection to the Gatekeeper of Umbra that might give them some leverage to ask a question on my behalf, or a contract of reverie for the same reason. I’ve got a burning itch that I want to scratch that I’m thinking you might be able to help me with.

Is it something you specifically need from the Gatekeeper? The dead know a lot, and I can possibly ask around and see if someone can answer your question.


In this case its about something that we talked about, specifically a person or persons they might have personal knowledge of who operate in or out of Umbra. I’ve only ever heard basil mention them briefly and she isn’t clear on the specifics but she says spiders and points to her hand so I’ve taken it to mean people with spider markings on their hand and the gatekeeper said that they hadn’t seen anyone like that in a while and then clammed up.


I, um. Might be able to soon? I’m working on it!

Tell me more about what’s up and what your question is?

  • Ava