Looking to Borrow Boffer dagger/shortsword

Hello! I’m a new player here as of Fall 1 2019! I’m very new to LARP as well and, as such, have not yet acquired boffer weapons. I’m wondering if there is any wonderful soul who might be able to lend your local fife-playing peleset a dagger or shortsword!

Thanks again,


The Hounds have some you can borrow. I’ll try to bring a selection. You should also come hang out with the bards and musicians. :wink:

We’ll be in the cabin directly across if you are in PS1


Thank you!! I’ll try to find y’all on Friday. Looking forward to hanging out with some lovely bards :slight_smile:

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My fiancée is also looking for a dagger/shortsword to borrow. We are new as well.