Mages Guild Decor

Hello fellow wizards,

I would like to get the mages’ guild looking a bit more magical. I compliled a list and discussed some things with Norin and Nephros. Here’s the list, with links where applicable(links are just suggestions to make it easy if someone wants to jump in, if you have a better source, use it and share the knowledge):

-small folding table and chairs

-mysterious containers and gewgaws

-yellow string lights

Obviously this won’t all come together in one event, but it seemed like a good idea to have a shareable organized list. There’s a separate thread for the wall hangings and another for the mage library to keep things from getting confused.

I’d also recommend an order of these for any bin that will contain paper or cloth or other things mice like to nest in:

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(I am happy to give people CP for donating mages’ guild decorations.)

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I have a zen garden (unopened) that I’d like to get rid of, can I give you that in place of the one listed above?

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Thank you Beth!
Yes Joy, that would be really super! Thank you!

I’m bringing three fabric throws, the little fountain, twig pencils, a sheaf of paper, and two strings of lights, from the list.
Two of the throws are just fabric from my stash that I don’t need, one is a cotton mandala thing that was 8 dollars on Amazon. Also bringing some batteries.

I’m willing to help but only if the wizards guild ends it’s unjust rejection of healing wizards.