March/April 2024 Donations List

Hi folks,

With the CP cap about to rollover, perhaps you would like to earn some CP by donating useful objects to Witchwood. Things we’d like are listed below. You get 1 CP per $25 of donations. CP will be rewarded either after the item is received by staff, or after you show me a receipt, whichever happens first.

This first list of things can be brought to Winter Feast, to Spring 1, or shipped to Beth B.

  1. [CLAIMED] Another 2-5 mask organizer boards -
  2. 1-3 more non-broken gravestones
  3. [CLAIMED] 2x 35-packs of purple glowsticks -
  4. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of fake maggots -
  5. [CLAIMED] Black & brown eyeliner pencils - 6ish each color
  6. [CLAIMED] 3 of these packet pouches: Cotton Canvas Haversack – Townsends
  7. [CLAIMED] 3 of these packet pouches:
  8. [CLAIMED] 2x Ben Nye Studio 6 Color Pressed Powders makeup wheels -
  9. [CLAIMED] 1 Blue Metal Box
  10. [CLAIMED] 1 pack of wood mushrooms
  11. [CLAIMED] 1 pack bee headbands
  12. [CLAIMED] 3 black scarves
  13. [CLAIMED] 1 raven costume
  14. [CLAIMED] 1 agility ladder
  15. [CLAIMED] 1 set of mini padlocks: *
  16. A sewing project involving making a big spherical cover for a thing.
  17. [CLAIMED] 2x packs of finger-arrows,
  18. [CLAIMED] A snake pinata:
  19. A green dodgeball: Dodgeball Playground Balls, Official Size for Dodge Ball, Handball, Camps and SchoolsGreen,Green,F35651 -
  20. [CLAIMED] Some prisms:
  21. [CLAIMED] 1-2 color cubes:

This second list of things should be shipped to Jenna. Message me or her for the address.

a. [CLAIMED] 4 packs of red cubes Translucent Plastic Cubes - 8 mm - Bag of 50 – BoardGameGeek Store
b. [CLAIMED] 4 packs of orange cubes Translucent Plastic Cubes - 8 mm - Bag of 50 – BoardGameGeek Store
c. [CLAIMED] 1 pack cube containers
d. [CLAIMED] 2 packs quartz beads Metallic Silver Metallic Gunmetal is a fine replacement if Silver is out of stock.
e. [CLAIMED] 3 packs of large shower liners
f. [CLAIMED] 1 pack white duct tape
g. [CLAIMED] 1 pack small plexiglass squares
h. [CLAIMED] 1 pack large plexiglass squares

Thanks in advance!
See you soon!
-Beth B.

I’ll grab 10 and both of 8

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I would absolutely love to get 4 and 11!

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Picking up 1 (x2), 3, 9, 12-15.

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I’ll grab #7.

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Just FYI only light green, light blue, and pink are available as colors. Is there a preference or should this wait?

can we do a blue, a green, and a purple?

I’ll grab 6

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Done. Either I missed purple it just became available.

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(If people need shipping addresses for anything, just let me know and I’ll DM you.)

I would like to claim 1 and 5.

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I’ll take a-d

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I will also grab the snake pinata. I don’t know what it is for but I’m here to enable pinata plot.

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Also accepting donations of:

  • 50x COVID tests
  • or up to 100x if they are unexpired by Spring 2.

I’ll provide 50 tests.


Any tips on getting a ton of tests for a reasonable price?

Of the remaining items, 19, e, f, g, and h are the most needed.

Claiming e. f. g. and h.

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