Merchant for Sale between Gathers

Oak Harbor,

As a merchant I have the ability to put in an order between gathers to make sure I am able to acquire a component for next gather. This will of course be based on the rarity of the component. I do not believe I currently have the ability to reliably order something like a phoenix egg, or if I can get that it would not be a good deal. If these is something that is wanted, I am willing to put in the order for someone assuming they cover the cost of the order and a 3 Leaf commission.


Yorick the Merchant

(OOG: I have 3 Merchant to make an order at the moment. More Merchant in an order will make for a better deal/ the ability to make good on said order with some rarer components as I understand things)

I am unclear if this is likely to be possible, but if you could track down quicksilver, i would be in the market. -Erris

Quicksilver should be doable. - Yorick