Mystic Practice

Greetings Citizens of Oak Harbor,

I have been hired as an intermediary between the Knights of the Bulwark and the Velliar University to help assure that mystics will be properly trained as they move towards eliminating the undead forces currently occupying Salendale. To this end, I will be hosting a small workshop for interested Oak Harbor mystics on this Elmsday, the 53rd of Vigor, starting with proper ways of turning the undead.

However, in order to provide as safe a training experience as possible, I would like to hire all interested parties to act as mock undead. I have a pot of twenty leaf to distribute among a minimum of five interested volunteers. For interested mystics I can also provide an additional five spirit shards.

Emissary to the Gatekeeper of Umbra

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Greetings Casper,

Iā€™d like to also invite you to attend the Oak Harbor Mystics Guild meeting at lunch time on Willowsday the 54th of Vigor. It is a time at which we mystics gather to discuss what we have learned, what we would like to study, and events that are relevant to current events in Oak Harbor. As part of your providing instruction on the proper ways of turning the undead, could you please be prepared to provide a summary of various types of undead and special notes on identifying them and fighting them?

For others reading this missive, I would also extend this invitation to attend the Oak Harbor Mystics Guild meeting to any mystic or anyone interested in learning of the mystic arts.

Roderago Aldenberg ni Wrightwood
Paragon of the Mystic Arts, Ascetic and Medium