Need a Ride to Fall 1

Hey all! I am looking for a ride from Danvers, MA to the site in Ashby at some point on Friday 9/9. I will not need a ride back after as I will be carpooling back to Vermont from there. I fly in from Italy that Thursday and didn’t want to drive back to VT, and then back down the next day. Anyone have room for me, a rubbermaid tote, a duffel and some boffers? I could also try to assemble a minimalist type LARP Go-bag if less room is available.

Feel free to reach out here or on social media to let me know if you can help!


EDIT: I’d also be willing to head over on Thursday night if that is a preferable option.

Sooo…I know this isn’t the most convenient thing, and most people don’t really know me out of game because I am from Vermont, but if someone could do me a solid, I would <3 you forever. I will also pitch in gas money and give you all of the high fives.

I fly to Italy tomorrow and won’t be back until Thursday 9/8. I will have my phone and will be checking in periodically.

Hope you are all well and getting excited for Fall 1!


I should be able to give you a ride.

Catch me on facebook and we’ll work out the details.