New Game Director starting this winter

As President of the Board of Directors of Red Feather Roleplaying, I’d like to announce the election of Ken Clary to the position of Game Director of Witchwood, starting this winter!

In the interest of transparency, and in support of our value of open dialogue, I’d like to explain how the choice of Game Director is made. We model the interactions of Red Feather Roleplaying and its Game Director roughly like a company’s board and its CEO. The board elects a Game Director, and the Game Director sits in on board meetings as a non-voting participant and reports to the board.

At the winter 2014-2015 board meeting, we elected Beth Baniszewski to be our first Game Director. At the time, she was a board member, and we decided that the Game Director should not also be a member of the board, so she stepped down from the board and we had a community-wide election for the open seat. We also chose a term length of 2 years, which expires at our next winter board meeting.

For our most recent Game Director election, the board agreed that the director should be chosen from staff as long as we could find a willing staff member, as we believe the transition from player to Game Director would be difficult on a scale of one season’s time. Beth B. did not want to continue in the role, as she is expecting a baby in her life for the Spring season (congratulations)! The only staff member who put their name forward for Game Director was Ken. We held an election regardless, and elected him to the position.

Ken doesn’t become the new Game Director until our next winter board meeting. However, we wanted to make our decision early, both to ease the transition to a new director and because Ken’s election means that we’ll have a new open seat on the Board of Directors for Red Feather Roleplaying.

A post about the upcoming, community-wide election for the open board seat will be coming soon.

In the meantime, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in as Witchwood’s Game Director, Beth! Enjoy the remainder of your term, and congrats on the new family member. Ken, thanks for stepping up to the Game Director position for the next 2-year term!

Joy Perkinson,
for the RFR Board of Directors