New Game Director

On behalf of the Red Feather Roleplaying Board of Directors, please join us in welcoming Beth Baniszewski back to the role of Witchwood Game Director!

In the interest of transparency, and in support of our value of open dialogue, I’d like to explain how the choice of Game Director is made. We model the interactions of Red Feather Roleplaying and a Game Director roughly like a company’s board and its CEO. The board elects the Game Director, and the Game Director sits in on board meetings as a non-voting participant and reports to the board.

The Game Director term length is two years, after which the Red Feather Roleplaying board holds an election for the next Game Director.

Beth Baniszewski was Game Director for the 2015-2016 term, and has been a member of the RFR community since is conception in early 2013. She cut back on her time from 2017-2018 to have a child, but has been ramping up her time on the game and is ready to return to the director position.

Please also join us in thanking Ken Clary for two years of dedicated service to Witchwood as Game Director from 2017-2018, as well as for his integral role in RFR’s founding in 2013 and development over the years. He was the one who originally gathered together the group of larpers that founded Red Feather Roleplaying, and has helped the organization grow in countless ways into what it is today.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Ken! And best of luck in your new position, Beth!

Joy Perkinson
President, Red Feather Roleplaying


Thanks to the Board for their confidence in me, and to Ken for all his hard work keeping the wheels turning these past two years as the game evolved.

Although my first term as Game Director was rewarding, it was very good to step back and reflect on things, rebuild my excitement, and think about the future of the game. It is one of the merits of how RFR runs things that we can continue the same ongoing campaign you enjoy without burning one person out and having an abrupt transition when someone else takes the helm.

I look forward to building on the stories of the past two years and creating new ones with all of you.