New New Player!

I’ve always been interested in LARPing but have never made the leap. Recently I discovered one of my friends plays in this game and he directed me to the website to check it out. I am very interested in joining Witchwood, and being a LARP newbie, am not really sure where to start. I’ve read the rulebook multiple times and was just wondering next steps/any tips/advice/suggestions. Thanks in advance!

First- Welcome!

You have several options. We have two events coming up, one in September, the other in October, that you can try to get a space in. If you register then you’re set to go and just need to build out a character.

If you can’t join for those events, you can always be an NPC for those events. You earn CP for your character that way and can learn about the rule system.

The other step is to join our Discord! Lots of people will be happy to answer questions and provide support. It’s here- Witchwood Discord

Again- welcome!


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