New Player Advice


I’m a new player for not just Witchwood but LARPs in general. I’m thinking about going to the event that’s next week, is there still time to submit a character for that?

I was thinking about making a Mystic, for spell pouches do we need to make our own or will they be provided? If I need to make some for myself what would the best place be to get materials?

Any other advice would be highly appreciated.


I’m not a staff member, but I’m confident you can still submit a character and play. It is however to late to submit BGS for skills like sage or speak with long dead.

You provide your own spell packets. You can sometimes borrow a few or scavenge some, especially as a new player. My favorite seed is “Nyjer” seed – its a small fine black seed and generally be found at a grocery store. But any seed without sharp seeds in it will work. Anything with sunflower seeds is a strict no-no.

If you use discord, Discord is a server where we chat.


I am a staff member, and I agree with the above. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

I just have one more question after looking through everything, who do I talk to to get something like a mask approved to wear?