New player Guild creation

Hey everyone!

My name is Adam and I will be playing Lark Bellum in the first game of the fall season.

Lark is a charming, mildly arrogant, reformed pirate looking to start a thieves guild called ‘The Ocean’s Pride’.
This guild protects the innocent and aims to steal from the greedy to help the hungry. (Robinhood-esque)

I’m looking for three things.

1.) Staff direction on how to properly start a baby guild in game
2.) Anyone interested in helping form this guild. (No need to be a ‘thief’ per-say. I plan for it to be a hilariously disorganized and rag-tag guild.)
3.) Instructions on how to nab a cabin for members of said guild.

Happy to be joining this community!

For the Fall, we’ll be sending out a lodging survey to everyone who registers that we’ll use to make cabin assignments.

Hey there Adam! Daniel Hartz here, I’m a long time WW community member, but I recently went staff/NPC.

Thank so much for your creativity!

Beth answered #3 already, but I am going to try and answer 1+2 the best I can!

1.) Come to the game and check things out. Try to get an understanding of what already exists in game, and there are absolutely no rules barring any player/character from creating a guild. That said getting some feelers in-game/in-character is a great way to explore the world-of-play.

To answer your question more directly, there is not prescribed way to start a guild. Characters could ask other characters to drum up interest etc.

2.) This is another great use of the forum, maybe try out one of the in-game forums or in-game channels on Discord, but ultimately you may find these conversations even more interesting, in-game.

All that said, I’m super excited that you’re excited to do this kind of role-playing!

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We should be friends. :slight_smile:

My Character Shane has been starting to put together a group called the “Consignment Guild” that specializes in selling things we didn’t make ourselves. If you’re down to do crime…come do crime with me.


Awesome! Thank you so much! I hope there’s room for me and crew in the next game!

This Thieves’ Guild is a direct challenge to Mugs By Omoira! >:-[ @hbrandte, to arms!

(Hi there, hello and welcome! I tease.)

Hey!! Thank you <3 I can’t wait to meet and play with everyone!

Hey who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? Capitalism!!