New Player(s) coming in the Fall

My wife and I are planning on getting back into LARPing after a few years away from it (ok maybe more than a few). But I do have some questions. For instance, the Cultures, I was thinking of Felicitoro but would like to know some specifics about that Culture. For instance some info so I can decide on which House to be aligned with, color of the rings, etc. Do I have to make the character first? or can I get it before hand.
Thanks in advance.

Hey there! I can email you the Felicitoro culture packet.

Just to give you a feel for things, we currently have a bunch of players who are former Ternacenti, looking to join the Romanza. We also have a couple Sarto players.

Thanks! I just built my character online. Though I left which house I was connected to blank till I got a better feel for the race.

Another new player here!

Right now I’m thinking about making a Fandalee character, so if I could have a copy of that culture packet, that would be great! I do have a few questions aside from that, though. I’m still very new to LARPs in general, and I’m trying to figure out what sorts of skills it would be a good idea to take to help out with my first session. More specifically, I’d like to have skills that let me help to support a group, so I can hopefully avoid directionlessly drifting around on the day of the event by having people on-site I can sort of stick to and follow their lead. My first idea to accomplish that was through a focus on healing magic; would that sort of thing be beneficial, or are there other approaches I should take that could potentially be more helpful?

I also decided to mess around with the character creator earlier, but now that I’ve read through the rules in more detail, there are some changes I’d like to make. Would it be a problem if I simply created a brand-new character to play as instead of the one currently in the system?

I’ll send you the Fandalee packet.

Go ahead and make a new character in the system.

I’ll let the current players comment more on what they think would be useful, but I’m sure healers are in there! (Other possibilities include wizard for spellshields, any of the professions for buff abilities, spy for Subdue, or mystic for turning undead.)

Honestly, play what seems interesting. As soon as you start asking questions about an area you’ll find folks willing to engage. If mystic sounds cool - then you’ll find the mystic’s guild will be enthused to talk with you and help you get your bearings. Wanna be a wizard - I’m sure the wizard’s guild will pull you in to things. Like the sound of alchemy or herbalism - I’m sure folks will bring you on a component hunt and talk to you about their art. The militia will recruit anyone willing to show up to muster and support the town pretty much regardless of where you spent your CP. Our game rewards groups having diverse skill sets available, so mostly its about you finding what you find fun & interesting to play.

Best advice I can give is to talk to people, ask questions, and go do things. Lore in this game goes deep. Groups going to do things are often willing to being one more person along. And lots of folks know lots of interesting things they can talk about.

Hello my name is Millie. I used to LARP back in 2005 and life kinda got in the way but I miss it so much. I want to start to get back into this again and my girlfriend is interested as well.

I am thinking about coming as a Peleset and my girlfriend was thinking Kalmak.

I would love to get some more information if possible. I hope I can make it to the next event

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Hey Witchwood!

I’m Adam. DND player, TikTok content creator @theoceanspride, and looking to get back into LARP after a 10 year gap. I already am very excited about the community and am looking to learn lore, tips, and introduce my character before the September event.

Feel free to say hi!

Also, if I could get a Peleset culture packet that would be amazing!

Hey there Lark (and others on this thread)!

Feel free (if you haven’t already) to swing by our discord server.

There is a “General-oog” (oog=out-of-game) channel where folks are likely happy to respond in real-time should you desire that kind of conversation.

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Plugging the Lothlan because we are the best culture. :wink: