New Players logistics questions

Hello All!

My son (Teddy) and I(Greg) are attending our first Witchwood weekend this weekend. We’re super excited! I haven’t larped in 25 years or so (NERO in the 90s), and my son has been dreaming of his first larp for some time.

I have a few logistical questions:

  • Food - Do we need to pack a cooler for the weekend or do the taverns serve food? If so, is food for purchase or included(either is fine, just need to know to prepare cash)? I saw a reference in a forum post about about someone grilling magical sausages a few years ago - should I pack a grill?
  • Characters - We’ve both just submitted our characters through the website(sorry to be so late in doing so!):
    Hypha Morel (me) - A Lyra Tattershawl Weaver, who has a…fascination…with mushrooms.
    Venetor Vitale (Teddy) - A Soldier from Sahren with a past.
    I know there are confidential packets of information for all the different backgrounds. I saw a few on the forums. How do we go about getting those?
    Is there an approval process for characters?

We’re both poring over the rulebook and the gameplay primer. Is there anything else a new player might need to know? Any advice for new players?

We’re excited to meet everyone next weekend!

-Greg and Teddy. (Hypha and Venetor)

One more question on spell packets: Is the standard small beanbags, or birdseed-filled tissue, or something else?

Food: Meals are provided at the tavern. Personally I tend to bring some snacks. Food is included in the ticket price.

Characters: I suspect staff will get them to you once they see this message.

Packets: Packets are the same old small birdseed filled squares of fabric, gathered up to have a tail. IE, if you google “spell packets” and look at images, it’s those.

I don’t know if either of you use discord, but we have a discord that a chunk of us hang out on.

Thanks for the quick reply! Is there an invite to the Discord server available?

I think this link should work: Witchwood Roleplaying

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Thanks! I’m in!

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You should have packet information in your email now!