New setup CP offer!

Three days til Witchwood! I have lots of news to share, so I’ll be splitting it up into a few posts:

  • New setup CP opportunity
  • Board member election and ombudsperson nominations
  • Friday arrival logistics

So, first up. Want to earn an extra CP during setup in addition to your normal setup CP? Here’s what you do!

  1. Claim a job from the following list:
  • Death [claimed]
  • Mod Hall [claimed]
  • Tavern [claimed]
  • Lanterns
  • Mages’ Guild (priority goes to mages)
  • University [claimed]
  1. Make sure it’s set up by 7pm on Friday!

To claim an area, reply here, send me an IM, or email me at! Thanks in advance for your help, and I’ll see you in the woods!

Campsite coordinator and friendly RFR prez

I’ll take DEATH …:.

Bold, very bold.

Thanks! Once you get to site, we can give you some instructions for how it’s set up, if you haven’t done it before.

I’ll take University, since no one else can this event since I took the bin (with staff approval) so I could replace it with one that was hopefully much more mouse proof. (But if there is someone who wants to do this in the future, I’m happy to let others claim it when I don’t have all the props.)

Thanks! I was hoping you’d get that as usual. :slight_smile:

Continuing the new setup CP offer!

The currently unclaimed jobs are:

  • Tavern
  • Mod Hall [claimed]
  • Death
  • Staff Center costuming
  • Mages’ Guild (priority goes to mages)

To claim, reply here, send me an IM, send Joy an IM, or email one of us.

(See everyone at camp tomorrow!!1!)

Mike will take the mod hall. I’ll go where needed if something goes unclaimed.

I’d love to help setup (and am a mage) but I don’t think I can officially claim anything since it would be cutting it close for me to get there in time to finish setup by 7. If I am there early though, can I stop by ops to sign up to help on the spot if anything still needs doing?

You can always stop by and see what needs doing. :slight_smile:

I’ll also stop by to see what needs doing. Sadly I don’t get there until about 6:15 at the earliest, but while that might not be enough time to claim something, it should be enough to help out, somewhere.

For those working the mod hall who have done so before, there will be a different setup this time. Please see me before starting.

For Fall 2 2018:

  • Tavern
  • Death
  • Mod Halls [claimed]
  • Staff Center costuming

To claim, reply here, send me an IM, send Joy an IM, or email one of us.

There are a couple already claimed setups; if you’re already setting up Alchemy, Mages’ Guild, the Teahouse, or the University, I probably know about it and you’ll get the bonus CP.

Other bonus thing: if someone could do some shopping for Staff Center snacks, you can get CP for the “donation.” Contact me for the general list of stuff. [claimed]

I can pick up snacks at BJs since I’m already hitting that up for you guys anyway. I’m also making the assumption that Mike will help with the mod halls because he likes to.

Edit: I’m planning on hot chocolate. Will staff like to borrow my electric kettle so you can have some too?

Likes to might be aggressive, but I’ll take care of the mod halls.

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