Newly-Arrived Swords-for-Hire looking for work

The Hounds at Dawn are a newly-formed mercenary company group of heroes for hire looking for honest work. We’re a fairly large group (ten members and growing) with a variety of skills and competencies. We’re willing to take on just about any job – regardless of the danger – as long as the pay is good. We can hire out either individual members or the whole company, if need be, and can cover just about any basic need in your group. We’re each growing into our own roles, but can provide a sure arm and a welcome ally so long as you don’t need anything too fancy.

If you have any job leads you’d be willing to bring to our attention, please feel free to get in touch with one of us. There’s typically at least one of us lounging about the tavern at any given time, and we’re more than happy to talk business with a potential employer. We’re working on a signifying emblem, but in the meantime, feel free to ask around for us if you don’t know our members specifically, and we’ll be sure to find you.

May the sun shine soft upon your backs and painfully in your enemies’ eyes,

Vennick, of the Hounds at Dawn


What’s this ‘mercenaries’ shit? I told you we’re heroes, not mercenaries, we’ve been over this.


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Don’t worry. D got this.


Sorry, I’ll edit it to properly indicate our jobs.

Winston, you’ve returned? Its good to see you back! I guess you’ve been gone long enough that you don’t know that Florica runs the local family now, so make sure all deals go through her. You probably want to talk to her and find out what deals and contracts she already has in place.

Our prices are variable, depending on length, complexity, and relative danger of the job. If you’re hiring one of us as a temporary member in your adventuring party, it’s typically an equal share in whatever you’re getting paid.

Thanks Vennick.

Find me at the forge. The Iron Company’s a little more established around here, and I might be able to kick some contracts your way, hire some Hounds on as subcontractors, or at the very least give you information on what pricing has worked for us around here.

Sorry I missed meeting you fresh off the boat, but there were some pretty good reasons I had to lay low last gathering. Sounds like the most relevant reason is dead, though, so the plan worked out.

Vance Goldenforge O’Canagh

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Sounds perfect, thanks a lot for the help!

The Hounds of FRAUD suits this group better. You were specifically supposed to stop both teams, and you let one of em walk right out of town after some of your group SPOKE to them! This has made my life VERY complicated for the past few weeks!

If you think I’m paying you mutts full price for a job half done, you’ve got another think coming.

Bullfinch Longwalker Foxhound Copperstaff

You didn’t pay us?! We invoiced you!

It’s pretty tacky to set your own price for a job and then not be able to afford it.

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Job was finished in full. You contracted us to intercept a pair of criminals and recover your stolen property. Job had no addendums for detaining the criminals or for insulating you against their slander. If you want something done, you need to ask…

That said, we don’t want to do business by raking an amateur over the coals. It isn’t our first time doing business with someone desperate and inexperienced, and we can discuss things if you can’t afford the rate we agreed on.

Meet me at the next gather and we’ll discuss this.



Is that dung beetle calling me a mutt???


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Just to clarify, in addition to no showing for the original meet, without sending us any sort of communication then showing up a day late demanding instant gratification, you’re complaining because we didn’t do a job we weren’t contracted to do?

I suppose the real question is if we’re dealing with a fraud or an incompetent. Which are you?


Relax, D. Shane’s got this.


It sounds like there is some matter of contention about what the Hounds of War were hired to do. If there is a written contract the two sides, I would be happy to take a look at it, and try and provide some guidance as to whether it was or was not fulfilled. If there is no written agreement, and each party only agreed to a verbal contract, I could try and serve as an impartial mediator to come to a conclusion that both sides find amendable.

Rosen Davenstern

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I trust Rosen enough…if Copperstaff and I can’t reach an agreement, we’ll let the Davenstern mediate between the two of us.

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As a desperate, inexperienced, fraudulent and incompetent amateur dung beetle, I thank you deeply for your consideration as it would be a sincere pleasure to enter into arbitration regarding these matters.

You’re right, it was probably my mistake. You see, I have this strange issue where I say things like “Intercept both groups” and “you’ll have to watch both paths, attack them at once so they don’t alert each other”. Then I use phrases like “No survivors”… but folks only hear the word treasure. Thank you so much for not raking me over the coals.

In all seriousness, that box contained the items I was expecting, so there’s that. It’s half of what I intended you to accomplished, so for that you get half. I will relinquish payment prior to our arbitration process.

As far as one more leaf, you better hope that guy likes your side of the story… because we didn’t sign anything.

Ardently yours,
- Bullfinch Longwalker Foxhound Copperstaff

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You cut a bad contract. I assumed nothing was written because of a preference for privacy on your part.

If what you want is for the FULL details of the job to be disclosed to the Davenstern, we’ll let him decide. If it’s your preference that we sort this out in private, without any public scrutiny, there’s still an opportunity to resolve this amicably. The details of the job were unclear. We intercepted both groups and recovered your property, in spite of shoddy intel and instructions from start to finish.

If it was your intention that we execute either party, that would have required a criminal act and caused our contract to be illegal. I’m sure that’s not something you’d have intended. I’m sure you were NEVER asking us to kill members of the protected races in Oak Harbor, because that’s something you’d never want to be associated with.


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