NPC Shifts for Spring 2

We may be in need of a couple of PC volunteers, for some shifts of NPCing (mostly to help out with some combat).

Let us know if you’re interested, and roughly what times (preferably in ~2-hour blocks). It’s easiest to just reply to this thread. If and when we need people, we can send someone out to find you in-game. You can also check by the staff center when you’re available and see.

One time we know we need some folks is basically right at game on. So please mention if you’d be available then. We won’t need you for two whole hours then, however.

I am interested. Sign me up for whenever you need me.

Does doing a shift come with small in-game loot the way it did last time?

I’m down to help.

I’m interested! I’ll be catching up early, but I often have down time and I’ll likely be around ops. If you are stuck for people before game on, let me know (traffic from home to sight is dicey or I would give firmer commitments.)

I’m interested and sign me up for whenever. You have a better idea of when I’d be involved in a plot then I would.