Oak Harbor Heraldry Design Competition

Greetings Citizens of Oak Harbor,

As we discussed with your town council this past Gather, the White Forest Trading Company will be holding a competition to devise the heraldry for Oak Harbor. As many of you have elected to move to the defense of Salendale and will be working in coordination with other organizations and townships, it is important to have a defining banner to rally under.

By finalizing such a design, the town council would then be able to appoint someone to the position of Banner Carrier. The rights and responsibilities of such a position would allow the banner person to more effectively lead the town into battle, inspiring those under it to safely win the day.

If your design is selected as the winner in this competition, you will receive a prize of thirty leaf. In addition, you will be presented with a copy of your winning design which you may display, and show your pride in your community.

The deadline for in person submissions will be the upcoming summer feast. However, as this is such an important matter, we would like for all options to be considered. So if for some reason you are unable to attend, you may submit your designs via mail for the next fourteen days after we next meet. All submissions will go through a review process before finalization, if they are approved, we will have a vote this winter to decide on a winner.

In the following days, several examples will be appended to this notice to draw inspiration from in your work. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

Good luck on your artistic endeavors.

Ridley Castagnier
Senior Partner of the White Forest Trading Company
((Clarify: You may email your submissions to staff at admin-staff@witchwoodroleplaying.com by the Summer Festival PEL deadline. Because of ongoing pandemic concerns you do not need to have attended any events this year to qualify to submit.))