Oak Harbor refugee resettlement project

Hello, Oak Harbor. It is I, your beloved Town Councilor Odelia.

Many of you have noticed the recent influx of refugees. It appears that sometime while the Pattern was getting squishy, the rest of the world became so dangerous that Oak Harbor is now considered about as dangerous as anywhere else. The White Forest Trading Company, in their infinite wisdom, wants to take advantage of this opportunity to turn our little settlement into a full-fledged town.

We have a limited amount of land that has been ritually anchored to one spot in the Witchwood on which we can settle people, more groups than we can settle, and a number of other considerations. I know a few people in town have been working with individual groups, so I wanted to consolidate our efforts a bit and invite anyone else who might be interested to help us in gathering info.

I have created a sheet with the information I have: Oak Harbor resettlement program - Google Sheets

Tab one is refugee groups. Ting’um’s sources provided me with a near comprehensive list of how many groups to expect before this all started, so please note that while there may be one or two extra groups, the odds are that anyone you spoke to was already accounted for on this sheet. Please avoid adding extra rows unless you are sure they are necessary.

Tab 2 is available lots and their sizes. I do not think we are quite ready to start on this yet. We would like to announce resettlement areas in Fall.

Information I have asked for here and why:

  • Group size: So that we can match them with a lot
  • Trade/skills: Some of the groups have a trade that will inform where they would be happiest
    • Artisans: Town center or docks
    • Farmers: Lumber yards or Mansion, NOT town center
    • Traders: Town center or docks
    • Workers: lumber yards or docks
  • Finances: while most of the groups have a reasonable amount of money and possessions, a few are poor and will want to settle quickly, and a few are wealthy (and will need to be split up no more than 2 to a region or they’ll get in spats, like cats)
  • Combat trained: Not all will be, but helpful to know if they are for obvious reasons
  • Additional information: Some will have strong opinions about who they will settle with, some need something from us to decide if they will stay, etc

Some things to be on the lookout for:

  • The notorious criminal Jade Dragon may be among the ‘refugees’
  • There are rumors that one of the groups from Salendale may have some necromancers. As we have quite enough of them here already, we would like to figure out which group that is and suggest they move along.

I have a few more notes that I have not had time to add to this document, but please fill in anything you know.

I am posting this today in case anyone who has some time between gathers wants to throw some resources into looking into any of the groups. This issue does not require this, I am only making this opportunity available to those who have undedicated time they would like to put to use

If you are interested in becoming involved during the gather, please feel free to contact me at any time.