Oak Harbor's First Art Salon

an elegantly written and decorated invitation is put up on the board in the tavern

It is my great pleasure, Oak Harbor, to invite all who are interested to an Art Salon, taking place after the Town Council meeting this upcoming gather.

During the first part of the Salon, we shall make art in whatever form preferred. There will be prompts set up to help you get started if you are starting a new project. If anyone is moved to model for us, that would be greatly appreciated. Please bring any particular supplies or works in progress you would like. Basic supplies will be on hand and I encourage all of us to share generously of our knowledge.

During the second part of the Salon, we shall share our works in progress and finished works. You are not, of course, required to share if you do not wish. Please bring any finished works you wish to share.

I look forward to seeing the creative energy we can raise together.

Yours in joyful creation,

Sei Ayame Riku di Romanza

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a note in what looks like someone’s first attempt at calligraphy is tacked up underneath the invitation


Artists are the lifeblood of a society. We go beyond the limits of convention to reimagine the world in a way that can bring about meaningful change and shape our world by connecting our storied past to a tomorrow brimming with possibilities.
This is truly an exciting time as Oak Harbor is quickly becoming the Arts mecca for all of Evren. I would like to invite all local artists to be part of something extraordinary. My goal is to establish an Artisan’s Guild in Oak Harbor which will serve three primary objectives.

One - A place for artists to gather, share ideas, and inspire one another.
Two - To ensure that our artists receive fair pay for their work.
Three - To provide protection for artists and their work.

If such an organization is of interest to you please come see me during or after the Art Salon.