On Reckoning Time

A note is posted in uniform block script on the notice board

Dear Residents of Evren,

As you may or may not know, the Velliar and several other organizations tend to have people dedicated to exploring the limits of dream. In particular, testing and examining the Oracle Barrier. It has come to the attention of the University that the Oracle Barrier is no longer present. This opens up the potential for significant amounts of historical research that was not possible before.

Furthermore, as you should remember, the standard Evrish Calendar is based on the “Velliar Reckoning”. That is, the year 1 is based on the founding of the University and just happens to have aligned with the Oracle Barrier. Now that we are able to do so, we are discovering additional information about the founding of the University. As such, we have discovered that the founding was actually two years prior to the Oracle Barrier. The current year will be adjusted to reflect as such. To avoid confusion, the date will henceforth be denoted in “New Velliar Reckoning” or NVR. The current year is therefore 822 NVR.

Prepared by Scribe Larquen on behalf of the Office of the Chancellor of the Invisible Arts

A small note is attached to it in hastily scrawled letters
Ha! I was right! I was ahead of things with the Strigford Reckoning - S