OOG Crafting Exchange Thread

Do you sew / make boffers / make armor / something else?
Would you like to offer to teach others / take commissions / generally make staff aware of things PCs are capable of donating?

Let everyone know here!

Boffsmith, with some experience making shields and some experience with leather and sewing. Up to helping people make their own boffers and shields, or making them to order myself for a reasonable fee.

Boffers of all kinds (round blades, flat blades, etc), leatherworking (armor, pouches, belts, quivers, etc.) metal armor (but I don’t make chainmail for nobody), shields (metal or wood). Horn and antler work (like my large mug if you saw that in the tavern), and some styles of jewlery (horn rings and metal torcs and such).

I also do some woodworking and blackmithing, and general prop construction. I am not really interested in taking commissions right now (but could possibly be convinced), but I would probably be able to fill special requests for staff on occassion.

Mike Flynn (Yngvar)

I’m willing to help. I’m not an expert in any sense but I’m pretty crafty and a lazy perfectionist.