Out of combat options

My fiancee is hoping to come. However, she asked if there are any out of combat options. something tangible. She specifically asked if there is anybody there that could teach her how to cook an age/realm/lore appropriate food.

There are definitely some out of combat options, as well as some options for people who comfortable being combat adjacent (ie, not looking to engage; might get hit; and wanting to be useful).

A number of the professions (herbalism, smithing, rune magic, alchemy) have various levels of in-game things to do that don’t involve combat. I personally have a bunch of BGS (between game skills) that get me information that I then use to interact other people and help them with what they have going on. And if she likes lore, the combination of having some BGS and talking to everyone else is a great way to go.

If she’s comfortable being combat adjacent, druid and to a lesser extent weaver and mystic each have a reasonable chunk of things to do. Druid brings healing and tending. Weaver “dream stuff” while sometimes involving combating nightmares, sometimes is about interpreting what is observed in visits to the dream realm or dreamed. Mystic has solid BGS, an advancement path that is entirely no-weapon, and a bunch of nice RP things. (I’m a mystic, so biased.)

Also, the person who cooks for us is a fantastically sweet person and quite skilled, and if this is something she wants to help with, he would probably welcome help. But we don’t really try to recreate period recipes or techniques.

From a mechanical point of view, she’ll probably want to start with a couple “Repose of Peace” – its a good way to opt out of a combat.


Listen to Roderago, he’s the best. :wink:

But to piggy back off him, if she’s interested in being combat adjacent I’d be happy to walk her through it. Tess loves company. My character is mostly combat adjacent right now and I can get her in touch with the right people if she’d rather work on professions. I would say repose of peace would be a great idea for her.

If she’s interested in cooking food with in-game effects, I recommend pursuing Herbalism. Our cook (Stonedapple) is also an Herbalist and he and another Herbalist, Amos, have been learning how to create infusions of certain Herbalism effects to share them amongst people via food. This is a “True” Herbalist ability, so she would need to take several in-game Lessons to be able to do it herself, but we Herbalists are always happy to teach and Stonedapple is always happy to have help in the kitchen and share what he knows meanwhile.

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