Playing a temporary Velliar Guardian at Fall 2

Hi everyone,

As we said at game off, if your character has little interest in or no wish to go to Salendale, you have the option to play a Velliar assisting in the defense of the city for Fall 2. If you take this option, you will submit your BGS as your temporary Velliar character with ONE exception: you may submit a lesson or focus for your primary PC.

Alternatively, we’d love to have you NPC for the event if neither option appeals to you.

We’re offering this because we plan to run a very focused event structure, and we want everyone to have a character who is motivated to be involved in the plot.

Note: we don’t intend for this event to be purely combat, don’t take us up on this offer just because your character is primarily focused on things other than combat.

If you wish to take us up on this offer, please reach out to me ASAP so staff can work with you to design a character that you will have fun playing.

Feel free to respond here if you’re planning to play an alternate character and are looking for any sort of costuming pieces for your character to help avoid needing to purchase a whole new costume for a single event.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.