Post game questions:

Deanna and I had an amazing time, and are certainly coming to the next event. That being said, we had some questions:

Both Henry and Amaruq received lessons. How do we show this on our character sheets?

We’ve earned the 2CP for attending, however there was talk of additional CP for more new players, as well as extra CP from other things. How do we earn/spend this? My father and I attended as NPCs years ago, and I would like to apply the CP I earned from that to Henry (we attended, and stayed for clean up).

Guilds/Cabins/Sleeping arrangements for next time:
How do we reserve/set this up?


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Posting so I get notification of answers! :slight_smile:

For recording a lesson, you submit them as an “After Events” -> “Submit BGS”. The problem is that to submit a BGS, you have to be registered for an event, and we don’t have any 2020 dates scheduled yet to register for.

At some point after you submit your lesson, and before the next event, if you’ve unlocked the skill it will appear on your character sheet and be available to buy with CP. If the skill is not in the rulebook, you’ll probably also get an email with the details of the skill – and those same details will be in your BGS at the start of the next event.

As an example, here is a lesson I submitted as a BGS a while back:

Lesson: learn Silence as a Mystic spell
Following instruction from Thales, who had just learned silence as a mystic, and with advice from Omoira, I did a lesson in Silence. Thales suggested silencing myself in combat when there would be those I’d want to aid; and then contemplate how that affected my story, their story, and how I felt, specifically how it felt to have magic suppressed. Omoira had a further suggestion of silencing at a time when I would want to be interacting with others. Taking advantage of my human racial, I silenced myself at two different times that seemed appropriate. The first good opportunity was when there was going to be a druid lesson for Bianca, that I was watching and knew I’d normally be part of the conversation for; the tension between desire to interact and my inability to contribute was noticeable to me, and eventually to others as they expected me to contribute. I’d purposefully chosen an event that was not centered on me so that I could pay more attention to my interactions with the silence effect and less on others reacting to my interactions. The second good opportunity was the shade fight. Seeing a few Aldenbergs involved, I realized there was a chance that it’d be something I’d want to actively start acting in. So I silenced myself. The fight went on. I couldn’t really help. When Vincenzio went in and started getting pressed hard, there wasn’t anything I could do but watch. As one who frequently chooses to not act, removing that choice was frustrating. Fortunately someone stepped in to help him. I later found a some time to sit and contemplate these events.

The CP questions BethB will take care of, I’m guessing. Though the week after event tends to be a bit of a recovery period for the senior staff. If you helped do setup/cleanup/tavern-work Ken or BethB will award the points sometime far enough before the next event you have time to use them.

The various in-game buildings (Tea House, Alchemy Shop, University, Mage’s Guild) are static in location. Cabins in the player area are allocated in a courteous free for all - generally if there is one unoccupied, you can stay in it. If there are folks who generally stay in it, talk to them. We’ve not really been doing a hard reservation system. The new player cabin was designated so that the new folks had a place they knew they could stay in while they got situated. If we get to the point where we need a more formal reservation system we will do that.

(caveat as always that I’m a player, so staff can override any of what I’m saying)


Agreed on all of the above.

For your points for NPCing in the past, mention it in the “donations and volunteering” section of your PEL (using the After Events button) and I’ll get back to you.