Preparations for a ritual

Townsfolk of Oak Harbor,

Even with our town budded off in its Aestheis drift, folk sure have a way of coming and going, so I want to remind you of some things it’s best not to leave way up the hill, off in the woods, down by the docks, mislaid in some other realm, or otherwise not ready at hand when we next gather around the Festival of Umbra.

Townfolk have been preparing since before I arrived in Oak Harbor to enact a ritual meant to address whatever instability has lead to gates emerging and the associated havoc, what Connal calls holes in The Pattern. If you have taken responsibility for one or more of the following items to be used in the ritual, please ensure that you bring the item or items with you safely!

  • Box bound to Evren
  • Sword bound to Umbra and Vigor
  • Wand bound to Firmament
  • Stitcher’s Needle
  • Empty Dreamstone
  • Empty Storystone
  • Witchwood leaf

I believe I know where most of these are, but prefer not to name the individual holders on this notice board in order to avoid making anyone a target for theft.

We must also not forget our obligations to the Gatekeepers, oaths or tasks undertaken in exchange for their help.

  • Evren - Fulfilled.
  • Reverie - Want to help? Talk to Zelai about some mouse nonsense. (That is, help capture a Nonsense Mouse.)
  • Umbra - To be fulfilled by Lorenzo.
  • Void - A number of townsfolk swore oaths to return his “pets,” preferably intact, or to aid in shifting the nature of his story. These oaths are to be fulfilled within a year following this gatekeeper’s participation. I have a lead on the “pets”; please let me know if you are willing to help, regardless of your personal oaths to that effect. I trust that the gravity of owing a debt to Herbert is weighty enough in folks’ memories that this reminder should be plenty.
  • Vigor - I have a note about fighting vigamor and putting their eyes into golems. Was there further obligation? Has it been fulfilled?
  • Firmament - I have no idea and do not have Bianca’s notes. It is deeply disconcerting that the town may have unknown outstanding obligations in this regard! Kindly reassure me if you know this obligation to be fulfilled or remind the relevant parties of the remaining duties.

Sweet dreams, my neighbors, and I’ll see you Elmsday!
Or Willowsday, at least, whether or not you’re arriving later to town.


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