Quotes and Such!

Officially starting the Spring 1 2018 quotes & highlights thread!

“go eat a rock”
"we’re starting a gult"
inventing signs with Cookie for Oak Harbor (tree I don’t like) and the Witchwood (lots of trees I really don’t like)
my sunday morning magic oracle device
everyone doing shots in the tea house


“Maybe my dick is poisoned!”


Katlynn: “What kind of ridiculous person starts counting from 0?”

Lesovik, holding a dead dwarf: "Hey Florica, do you know this dwarf?"
Shane, holding a “picture” of the dead dwarf: “Hey Florica, do you know this dwarf?”


Undead opens University
Venia: Control undead, go home
Undead looks confused
Venia: go back where you came from
Undead shuffles off
Venia closes door

Durand: I’ve never actually seen what you can do, so that was really cool. Wait could you control an undead and tell it to steal all it’s master’s spell components?
Venia: I… never thought of that. Now I’m definitely going to try that

Ralkurian: So I’ve been wondering if there might be Voidic spell singing
Venia: If that’s a thing, I wanna do it
later that day, a spell singing necromancer shows up

spell singing necromancer
Everyone: THAT’S SO BADASS. Its terrible, BUT SO BADASS


So I got a limerick that may have also been a prophecy as part of a sage response, mocking Antithesis, in apparently an accent (hence thunder being pronounced thundah and rhyming with umbra):

There once was a shade from deep Umbra,
Who raged like an endless thunder.
He commissions three towers,
Plants them like flowers,
But his ambitions will be plowed under.


After Florica used a repel scroll, I commented:
“You made them Rune away”


(Don’t remember the exact convo but…)

Gatekeeper: "How did you die?"
Abida: "Antithesis hit me with a death spell."
Gatekeeper: "You’ve died that way before, haven’t you?"
Abida: "Several times."
Gatekeeper: "What did you learn from this?"
Abida: "Don’t get hit by death spells."
Gatekeeper: “I give you one Spellshield, one Oakskin, and one Bloodshield. …And one Spellshield that can only be used on Death.”

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Some of my favorites:

In the hydra fight outside the tavern:
Me: By my voice, all within the sound of my voice, Awaken!
Three unconscious hydra heads wake up

Young Mystic in Training while turning undead: I am significantly taller than you and therefore you must listen to me!

The entire fight at the graveyard with the necromancers, but the “ward” drum drum drum…“ward” drum drum drum song in particular.

The altercation between the popper pig chieftan and Shane.

Chieftan: This is our turf.

Shane: No this is our land.

Chieftan: No, this our turf.

Shane: I need someone else to talk to this guy, he’s too good at this.

Also from the same: “Chieftans - all the way up.”

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Leopold "Dispel Circle!"
Spellsinger “well…that worked”

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Many discussions on where to shave Antithesis, and the eternal debate: is he a man in a robe, or a robe shaped like a man?

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After the popper pigs while Katlynn is cleaning up popper traps

Katlynn: Oh, is this your cabin? You can take care of your own traps, right?
Rosen: Yeah.
Katlynn: Ok; I’ll go do something else then.
Rosen: *pop pop pop pop pop*
Katlynn: Um… are you sure you’re ok?
Rosen: I have tend!


Florica vs. blue vigamore mage “Joe, by my voice, silence!” … You sucked up a lot of spell shields with that…