Realm Colors

I’m making some bracelets to help me with visual indicators but I can’t remember most of the realm colors (mostly because I’m bad at remembering things). Also anything associated with them would be fun too, but I think that can generally be looked up in the rulebook.

In counter clockwise order from the bottom of the chart:

Void: Purple
Umbra: Red
Reverie: Green
Evren: White
Firmament: Yellow
Vigor: Blue

(The order is a joke, the realm associations are correct)


Roderago’s commentary:
You definitely got the starting point wrong. And I tend to swap the axis from how you do it so something like:

Void starts at the top, with Umbra top left, then Reverie bottom left, Evren at the bottom, Firmament bottom right, vigor top right.

Its oriented this way, so when working with it, the realm you are in (Evren) is always closest to you and your opposition realm is furthest away. If you are working with a chart of the realms as a native of another realm, feel free to rotate appropriately.

Though maybe that answer was from Herbert. In which case that orientation is correct from his perspective.